Top Gun 2 Might Just Happen

If Top Gun had been made in 2006, rather than 1986, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’d have seen at least one sequel by now; probably with another film lined up to complete a series that the producers will assure us was originally conceived as a trilogy. As it is, fans of suspicious moustaches and overly familiar ‘wingmen’ have waited in vain nearly twenty-five years for another fix, constantly tantalised by sequel rumours that never quite came true.

A few weeks ago Vulture reported that screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie had been hired by Paramount to write a sequel the action classic, while original producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and helmer Tony Scott had also been offered the chance to return.

At a recent junket for Scott’s forthcoming film Unstoppable, the director spoke with Hit Fix, telling them that both he and Bruckheimer had agreed to return. He then went on to reveal that, while the sequel certainly won’t be his next project, it is likely to be the one after.

In addition to this, he gave a few details of what we might expect to see in the film, explaining that the film will examine the rise of virtual fighter pilots, who control unmanned drones, while sitting in air-conditioned control rooms in Nevada.

It’s still unconfirmed whether Cruise will return or not, although the rumour at the time the Vulture article broke was that he’d be back in a small role, providing the part wasn’t ‘too obvious’.

Source: Vulture | Hit Fix

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