Monsters Review

Monsters: 1 out of 5

In the trailer, Monsters comes across as an epic Sci-Fi monster Action movie compared to the likes of Cloverfield. If this is exactly the type of movie you’re expecting to see then you will be wasting your time. What you actually get is a romantic film with a watered down Sci-Fi backdrop. This film is essentially about a bit of an ‘odd couple’ and their journey through Mexico with the occasional monster thrown in.

It’s reported that director, Gareth Edwards made this film with an estimated budget of $15,000 and baring that in mind it has been executed very well. Technically the film is superb; with excellent camera work considering the equipment used was ‘off the shelf’. The script and story are what lets this film down, and the acting is also quite lacklustre. Scoot McNairy in particular, puts in a less than enthusiastic performance, and with only two cast members it does make the film hard to stick with.

In an article over at /Film, Peter Sciretta, admits to having described the movie as “being like Lost in Translation, set in Mexico, but with gigantic alien monsters” which is a fair comparison as the script has a similar tone, but without any of the quirky appeal that made Lost in Translation work so well. It would also have been more accurate to ignore the fact there were monsters in this film at all, it could have been any vague post apocalyptic setting. The other problem with Monsters is that it lacks any of the humour or flamboyance to earn the tag of B-movie despite the low budget.

While it appears the marketing is using the monsters as a hook with which to draw in audiences, those excited about seeing a Sci-Fi action/thriller will be disappointed and wanting their money back. Monsters is guilty of what more and more films from Hollywood seem to be doing, which is showing all the ‘best bits’ of the film in the trailer, or even, as is the case here, misleading the audience entirely. This review may have been more positive if the trailer had not been so different to the film, instead it is difficult to feel anything but deceived and that inevitably impacts greatly on the viewing pleasure. 

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