Super Mario All Stars Is A Bit Popular

Nintendo have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario this year by launching a limited edition red Wii and red DSi XL. However, the main focus of the anniversary has been the release of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii, which reached the top of the Japanese sales charts after selling over 307,000 copies during its first week on sale.

Known as Super Mario Collection Special Pack in Japan, the game is basically the original Super Mario All-Stars, but on the Wii. There is no difference between it, and the original game that was released on the Super Nintendo way back in 1993.

The huge sales are quite a surprise for what are essentially the four Super Mario Bros. games that were previously released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Especially since the original 8-bit versions of the games are already available to download from the Wii’s Virtual Console.

Most people under the age of 20 won’t have experienced the games, which might explain part of its success. Maybe the budget price of just 2,500 yen had an effect, or maybe it’s down to why this is a “special pack.”

Housed in limited edition red packaging, the game comes with additional extras prized amongst games collectors. Included are a soundtrack CD with ten music tracks from the Mario series and ten sound effect samples, such as the 1-Up mushroom, and an artbook, titled “Super Mario History 1985 – 2010.”

The game will arrive for the Wii in the UK on December 3rd, and will retail for £19.99.

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