Professor Layton And Phoenix Wright Together?

Level 5 and Capcom are teaming up their two famous puzzle solvers in one fantastic game? Now there’s a thought

Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban, as the current game is known, is due for release next year alongside that of  the new Nintendo 3DS. The game was announced earlier this week at a large press conference which took place in the game headquarters in Tokyo.

Although there is still much to find out it is known that Shu Takumi the lead director and writer of the Ace Attorney series has been placed in charge of putting the scenarios together for the new game.

True to both series, the game will combine the intricate use of Puzzle Solving (Professor Layton) and Crime Solving (Phoenix Wright) as you proceed though the game. The trailers released over YouTube, show that the game will set place in a new location, unfamiliar to both of our two heroes.

Apart from Layton and Wright, the game is currently believed to involve two central characters. The first is a woman suspected of witchcraft who initially appears as a defendant in the courtroom, which most likely reflects the Phoenix Wright aspects of the game. The second is known as ‘the storyteller’, an enigmatic character whose face is never seen. This most likely reflects on the story aspects of the Professor Layton world as seen previously in ‘The Curious Village’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’.

As with all new games from Japan, it is unsure whether this game will have a UK release at this present time. The game itself is still under work in Japan and there is a long wait ahead before anything becomes confirmed. However, it has been speculated that if Capcom and Level-5 receive enough interest, then the possibility of it being released is definitely there. Until then there’s still plenty to look forward to with the recent release of ‘Professor Layton and the Lost Future’ and the future release of  a second Ace Attorney Investigations game.

Source: Court-Records

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