Saw 3D Review

After seven films, the Saw franchise has ended. This last one is in 3D and has more twists and turns in it than any of the others. From the previous films the audience knows John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is dead and that his wife, Jill (Betsy Russell,) and Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) have continued to carry out his work. This time though the story focuses on Bobby Dagan (Sean Patrick Flanery), a man who has become a celebrity by claiming that he is a ‘Jigsaw’ survivor. After being abducted by Hoffman, he must face a series of traps to earn himself the title of survivor and save his colleagues and family.

Fans of gore won’t be disappointed as this film delivers the very toe curling, seat gripping horror the films have become famous for. Unfortunately, the storyline seems to have been stretched too thin, with the focus being split between film seven’s ‘game’ and wrapping up the whole of the series’ plots. In the past, the games we have seen have generally linked up to each other, with the people involved all knowing each other via some common link, but Saw 3D appears to forget that. Several games occur, and some of them simply aren’t explained, which is sad because the other films never appeared to be gratuitous when it came to the gore, the story always managed to justify it but this time it seems to have been laid on a bit thick.

Chad Donella, who plays Gibson, the main police officer in this film was definitely one of the worst things about this film, causing several of the audience members to laugh at his performance and line delivery.  The 3D element also seems to have been wasted. The audience were told in the trailer that ‘they were the last piece of the puzzle’, a clear reference to the 3D gimmick, but it never seems like it is used to maximum effect. The audience is led to believe that they will see what the victims will see, making you duck and dive and squirm in your seat, enhancing the viewing experience. Sadly this isn’t the case at all.

As a Saw fan, the audience may come away a little disappointed as the films have always been so seamlessly written, and the twists have always linked in nicely. This one didn’t pack the punch that the last film in such a fantastic series should. However, fans of gore will, as always, love it. The traps are really inventive and so the resulting deaths are not only imaginative but gruesome too. Overall the film is entertaining and apart from one or two performances the acting all round was good including the cameo from Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park.

Go, watch the film and enjoy it, it might not be one you talk about for long afterwards but will sit nicely alongside its predecessors on the shelf.

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