Nina Dobrev: I’m not ready for Elena to turn into a vampire ‘Just Yet’

She plays both The Temptress and Dangerous Katherine, and her Doppelganger descendant Elena Gilbert – but Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev says that she’s not ready for her alter ego (Elena) to become a vampire yet.

This comes after Vampire Diaries producer Kev Williamson told E!Online in an interview that a pitch for such a storyline was in the works, but it wouldn’t be happening this season.

In the Vampire Diaries Novels, Elena joins the Salvatore brother’s in their ‘aversion to vervain’ at the end of Bk2 and the beginning of Bk3, but Dobrev , in an interview with MTV! News say’s that she just isn’t ready to take on another bloodsucker role – she has enough on her hands playing Katherine:

I have fun playing a human and a vampire so I don’t want her to turn into a vampire just yet,I’ve got my work cut out for me, and its fun to be human.[1]

Sources:  Hollywood Crush | E!Online


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