New UK Poster For I Spit On Your Grave Remake Appears

Over the last three decades, Mier Zachi’s tale of rape and revenge has picked up an impressive cult following. The level of violence and gore in the film got it banned in the UK for over twenty years, and even now, in the era of torture porn, it still holds its own. Pretty impressive for a film that cost next to nothing, starred the director’s wife, and was shot in the DOP’s house.

Now, we’re starring down the barrel of a modern remake, and word from the US, where it’s already been out for several months, is that it’s actually pretty good.

In the US they had two posters for the film. One that was, to be frank, awful:

And one that was reminiscent of the poster for the original film.

And if you prefer widescreen

In the UK I Spit On Your Grave is being released in January, and a new poster has emerged, via the website of the PR company promoting the film.

Or, if you prefer widescreen

Sort of pretty, aren’t they? Definitely an interesting take on the original.

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