Machete Review

Robert Rodriguez presents Machete, the feature length film that originally appeared as a fake trailer for the Grindhouse films. Danny Trejo stars as Machete, a federale who after being betrayed by his boss when he tried to take down the drug lord Torez (Steven Seagal) who has corrupted the organisation Machete works for. His family get murdered and Machete is left for dead. Cut to two years later, Machete who is working as a day labourer is hired to assassinate Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) a corrupt official who is sending hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the country. Once again Machete is betrayed and finds himself the target of a sniper. Machete survives and goes on the run from not only Torez’s henchmen, but also from Sartana (Jessica Alba), a U.S. immigration and customs enforcement officer.  Machete, with the help of  some friends including his federale-now-priest brother Padre Cortez (Cheech Marin) and Luz (Michelle Rodriguez), a taco vendor and head of an underground immigration organisation, goes about getting his revenge and begins to hunt down the people who have double crossed him.

This film has a cast list with an incredible pedigree and only someone like Rodriguez would think to put them altogether. Danny Trejo has been waiting a long time for a role like this and it’s a role he was born to play. His portrayal of a man with only revenge and women on his mind is flawless. All the acting in this film is beautifully done but other than Trejo, a special mention has to go out to Cheech Marin whose portrayal of Padre Cortez is not only believable but funny too. A lot of attention has been paid (namely  by the press) about Lindsay Lohans role in this film but unfortunately for her, she is very forgettable, failing to make the impact her career may have needed. The script generally moves along nicely but in parts, the film can seem too slow. The action is turned on and off and some of the more hardcore action fans may get a little bored in between action scenes. There are small but frequent injections of Spanish throughout the film that do nothing but enhance the flavour and pace of this film.

Machete is smart, sexy, and stylish and for those of you with a taste for gore, it certainly won’t disappoint in that department with bloodshed by the bucket load. It really is a delight in the filthiest, naughtiest sense of the word that will stay with you for quite some time afterwards.

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