TRON: Legacy Press Conference Report

A few days ago, MCM Buzz popped down to the press conference for TRON: Legacy. Below, for your reading pleasure, are the highlights.

Jon Kosinski

On his first feature film being a huge blockbuster

Not knowing exactly what I was in for is probably a good thing on a movie like this. The first thing I did was to get Jeff [Bridges] to sign on, and that was a huge step, and a huge part of the process for me. I was excited to take this thing on. I was a big fan of the original as a kid, and I saw a huge opportunity to do something different.

On the future of the technology used

3D technology‘s going to keep advancing. We’re already seeing cameras that have four times the resolution of the cameras we used. We’re talking about different frame rates, which is cool, working 48 of 60 frames per second. Movies have been at 24 for a hundred years.

I think the next big innovation in 3D would be glasses-free version. Everyone would love to not have to wear those glasses. There are some exciting technologies coming down, but as always, hopefully it allows you to tell good stories.

Olivia Wilde

On being ‘turned on’ while wearing her costume

It was challenging, but if I were playing a knight, I’d expect chain mail to be challenging too, it was a part of the plan. And it was quite an honour to wear these suits, because nothing like them had ever been made before.  They were latex and foam with lamps running through them, and wires down our bodies, and battery packs. We were like little energiser bunnies. And we could be turned on via remote control. It was stunning.. It was amazing. No shortage of ‘turn on’ jokes either.

They weren’t cosy, but I didn’t expect them to be cosy. It was like stepping into a light sculpture. I remember the first time I was in my suit and they turned me on. It was amazing.

On the career boost TRON: Legacy has given her

I feel very lucky. I think TRON kick-started something for me, and again, I’m just happy that these guys had faith in me, and allowed me to have the chance to play Quorra. I think it changed things for me. Ever since TRON things have accelerated. I am really excited to show the world all this stuff I’ve been working on, but TRON really marks the beginning of that changing gears, so I’m really excited.

Jeff Bridges

On his relationship with his younger self in the film

It wasn’t actually me, it was a rendition, created by some wonderful artists. The rendition was of me maybe 25, 30 ago. They referenced some of my old films; I think they were zeroing in on against all odds, that era. My wife was called in to make a final approval, and then that was… scanned into the computer, and then I drive that image. It’s very bizarre. The final result felt a bit like, I remember hearing my voice for the first time in a tape recorder, I remember I was like “I sound like that?”, it was bizarre. It kinda conjured up those feelings for me.

On the collaboration that made his digital double possible

One of the great things about making movies is that it’s a collaborative art form. You’re working with all these other artists to create, kind of a magic trick, in a way, and this was that to the nth degree. I, well, my face is running it. A lot of times, my body is another body, and I’d have to work with John Reardon who played my body. I’d show him how I’d do it, and it was kind of interesting, that it wasn’t exactly like I’d do it, so it made it a little bit different, which sort of worked for Clu a little bit, so it wasn’t exactly me, but an interpretation of me from another artist, and then the same from the head. I ran the expressions, but the face itself wasn’t me.

On the criteria he had for making the sequel

I thought Disney were very smart the way they played this There were rumours going around for about all 28 years that there was going to be another TRON made. I finally stopped believing in it, until one day I got the call, and they said, ‘no, this is for real, we’re going’. Joe pitched the story, and showed me some of his reel. That was very important for me, who was going to be at the helm of this thing, who was going to direct it. The fact that Joe’s an architect, that was wonderful, to bring the sense of design to the film. The fact that he was a first-timer didn’t really bother me, I’ve had wonderful success both creatively and financially successful films that are first time guys. We haven’t done much better than Citizen Kane. That was a first time guy…

The other thing that Disney was very smart about was keeping Steven Lisberger in the picture. He was the fella who wrote the first, and directed the first. He was also a first-time director.  Disney was very smart to keep him on this picture, because, while our movie, TRON: Legacy can be seen on its own and you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and not feel like you’re missing something, if you did see the first one, it’ll scan perfectly, and the worlds match, and all the mythology of the first one is carried over to the second one.

On nostalgia

In a way, especially having Lisberger around, it felt like we’d had a long weekend, and just picked up where we left off. There was a lot of the same energy going, and then all of the new elements kept my mind pretty occupied, hanging out with Olivia and Garret and Joe, all this new energy and technology was pretty consuming. So there wasn’t too much nostalgia,

TRON: Legacy is released on 17th December. Check out our review here.

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