Fist Of The North Star Ken’s Rage Review

The intense shirt ripping action of the Fist of The North Star, a manga created in 1983 finally makes it’s next gen debut with Fist of The North Star: Ken’s Rage.

Ken’s Rage is a fast action 1 vs 1000 game where you play as various characters in the Fist of The North Star universe and kick ass by cutting people in half with your fingers and making them explode.


The core gameplay aspect of Ken’s Rage is akin to the Warriors series of games made by Tecmo Koei. It was actually named Hokuto Musou in Japan, which is the Warriors series’ name in Japanese.

The gameplay is simple, you have one Strong attack, one light attack, a special and a Unique character action.

The special attacks in this game are used in slightly different ways, the first is to just smack circle and execute the attack. The other is to build up a gauge conveniently placed next to your health bar, activate your spirit gauge and utilise your ultimate one hit kill moves which are completely over the top and gory.

The unique character actions are pretty self explanatory, actions unique to characters. For example Kenshiro can roll and Mamiya can use her crossbow to drive enemies away.

There are several modes within Fist of The North Star: Ken’s Rage. Legend mode, where you follow your selected characters story through the Fist of the North Star timeline. Since each character gets their own, I think this is really well done considering that Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2’s attempted story was a mish mash of a semi coherent plotline mixed in with crossover characters. The cutscenes are extremely faithful to the Anime and Manga, to the point where I could tell what the characters were going to say before they said it.

Boss battles are very well done, each requiring strategy and careful planning to progress, which is a very nice addition to the game overall. Bosses also love to taunt you, which makes it easy for you to chain them into a combo, I found myself doing this throughout the whole game and after a while it got stale, it felt like every boss was a reskin, bar the one thing all of them do differently (such as clones of the boss, trapping you in a cage or otherwise)

The other mode, Dream mode. Is a mode which most Dynasty Warriors fans will find themselves most at home with, it’s your standard mode and a completely original storyline and makes other characters in the game playable. (ones which do not have a Legend mode, as well as ones that have Legend mode)

Challenge mode is unlocked when you finish Kenshiro’s Legend mode is cleared, it acts as a “Survival” mode of sorts and is a great addition to the game, allowing further replayability.

The music in Ken’s Rage is mostly generic metal licks, which by all means is good and gives it a real texture to it compared to most games’ ambient soundtracks. But nothing in the OST stuck out to me as a real awesome piece like most games do. However the game takes the song “Ai wo torimodose” (The opening from the first season of the Anime) And sticks it in main boss fights, which itches my “Oh my god this is awesome” scratch that this game left me with.

Overall, Ken’s Rage is a game with lots of flaws, repetitive settings, missions and bosses. But none of that made me enjoy it less, while the game is very repetitive, it is just mindless, unadulterated fun. This game doesn’t have to have intricate systems to enjoy it all you really. The game is pick up and play in it’s purest form.

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