Smallville to get Two Hour Finale

It’s been ten years in the making, but finally the steps are in motion to see Clark Kent (Tom Welling) finally don the iconic suit to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Smallville is going to have it’s series finale as a two-hour television event on May 13th as Clark Kent concludes a season that involves a controversial Vigilante Registration Act, a marriage proposal to Lois and the growing evil threat of Darkseid.

The two episodes, the shows’ 217th and 218th, which make up this special event, during production were known as “Finale Part 1” and “Finale Part 2” are now to be called simply “Finale”. A title alone that seems to promise viewers of this decade long journey, some long awaited answers.  “We’re excited to be able to make the final moments of Smallville a television event, as the character we’ve grown up with makes his legendary transformation,” state executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.

The two hour event means that viewers will have to wait another week for the conclusion of the Winchester brothers’ sixth year of demon-bustin’ as Supernatural airs a double-length two-hour finale on Friday 20th May.

Sources: Official CW BlogKryptonsite

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