GAME stores to sell Xbox LIVE DLC

GAME has announced today that it is due to start selling Xbox LIVE Downloadable content cards in over 40 of its high street retail stores over a 6 month trial period. Customers will be able to walk into stores and purchase cards containing codes that will unlock downloadable content for many games such as the highly popular sci-fi shooter Halo: Reach, the action packed Gears of War 2 and the thrilling Alan Wake. Downloadable content for existing games isn’t the only thing on the cards for GAME however, customers will also be able to purchase cards containing codes for Xbox Live Arcade games like the award winning Limbo and Trials HD.

Downloadable content on the Xbox 360 was previously only available through the use of Microsoft points, but by selling DLC cards in its high street retail stores, GAME and Microsoft aim to target “those who have no access to credit cards“.
Tricia Brennan, the commercial strategy director for GAME said: “We know that lots of customers want to play downloadable games and they look to us, as expert retailers, for advice on the best way to do it. We’ve listened to them and worked with Microsoft to provide the answers. From today it will be much easier to buy downloadable games as they will be able to buy digital games in cash for under a fiver.”

Prices for the content will start at £2.04 with the the most expensive titles being priced at £10.20.
GAME has ensured that “more titles and stores will be added as the trial progresses and customers give their feedback“.

Neil Thompson, the general manager for Microsoft Retail Sales & Marketing in the UK & Ireland said: “We’re excited to offer this program to UK consumers as we see this as an innovative opportunity to work with GAME in delivering Xbox 360 owners yet another highly attractive choice at retail.

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