Stargate Universe: Season Two Part Two Air-Date Confirmed

SyFy have announced that the last ten episodes of the second Stargate SG:1 spin-off, Stargate: Universe (SG:U), will begin airing from the 7th March with the episode “Deliverance,” written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. The eleventh episode of a twenty-episode season will begin it’s run on the new day of Monday at 10pm after the US remake of the British show Being Human at 9pm. The Vampire-Werewolf-Ghost drama has been a stable hit for SyFy so far, gaining a 9% growth for it’s second episode – managing an impressive 2.1 million viewers.

After announcing it’s cancellation of SG:U, this is quite a baffling move for SyFy to take as it airs it’s last ten episodes. Are they hoping to capitalise on Being Human‘s success to get more interest in the show? A plan that would seem to have more merit if they had not cancelled the series. Perhaps, but another way of seeing this may be that SyFy are trying to further improve Being Human by trying to get as many SG:U viewers hooked onto it’s latest show as possible.

Who knows really, but the real story is that we get to see more of Colonel Young, Eli Wallace and Nicholas Rush before we say goodbye to the crew of the Destiny and possibly with it the entire Stargate franchise.

Source: SyFy | Gateworld | Reuters

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