Wonder Women Pilot Information Revealed

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The website DC Woman Kicking Ass claims to have found a casting call for the upcoming Wonder Woman pilot. The show which until recently (NBC announced on January 21st that they had ordered the pilot) was having trouble finding a home, according to the casting call, is due to start filming on March 15th in LA.

The casting call for the show which is being developed by David E. Kelley, the man behind Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, also reveals that Wonder Woman is due to have three identities in the pilot.  The first being of course Wonder Woman herself, with the next one being Diana Prince, who comic book fans will remember as being her alter ego.  The third one, Diana Themyscira is listed as being the CEO of Themyscira Industries, an interesting development considering that this seems to be a thoroughly new side of the character created solely for the series.

The other interesting piece of information concerning this casting call and in turn our heroine is she appears to have not one, not two but THREE love interests, one for each of her identities. The first of these is one that once again fans of our favourite golden lassoed heroine will be familiar with, Steve Rogers.

According to the information in the casting call, Steve Rogers is an Army veteran who now works in the Justice Department. The next of these love interests is CEO Henry Demeter who is described as being acting CEO of Themyscira Industries and acts like an Uncle to Diana and is a possible love interest for her too. The final candidate for our heroines’ heart is Ed Indelicato, a liaison to the Police Department and someone who is described as believing in the old fashioned rules of relationships.

This news aside there is still no firm information on the expected air date for this project but in this writers opinion fans should expect to see this project air as part of the Fall 2011 season line up for NBC.

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