Crysis 2 & Killzone 3 Leaked

If recent ramblings from copyright holders are to believed it is a publisher’s worst nightmare – digital piracy. For those in the know, games can frequently be found on the days of its release, or even a few days before. The nice people at EA and Crytek, the publisher and developers of the critically acclaimed Crysis games, will likely be crying themselves to sleep and waking up screaming. Their latest pride and joy has hit P2P sites more than a month before it’s supposed to be available in a games store near you.

Although not the final product both the single and multiplayer campaigns are said to be fully playable, if you are willing to accept the occasional little flaw. It’s not all doom and gloom though as the version currently floating around the P2P scene will only run in DirectX 9 mode on medium settings. Where the previous Crysis games could make all but the most expensive of gaming rigs roll up in a ball and cry out for their mothers, this version won’t show you the back of its tongue. For the full experience you’ll still have to wait till the 22nd of March, or thereabouts.

Only a day after the Crysis 2 Beta hits the scene another one of this year’s hot releases ended up being leaked early. This time around it was Sony’s Killzone 3 European edition,a PS3 only release, which ended up on P2P sites a good two weeks before its official release. At 41,4GB in size it is a bit on the big side and only for the most persistent of pirates. For those copyright infringers without a 3D TV or the patience to wait there is, however, also a non-3D version which will cut the wait into about half.

Are these leaks just a blip on the radar or are they the first of many? And if so what effect will this have on the delicate game of cat and mouse between the games developers on the one side and the pirates on the other?

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