Mirror’s Edge 2 on Ice

It’s a sad day for the Mirror’s Edge fans out there. Not because Disney got their hands on the franchise and decided to start performing shows in ice rinks near you, but because it’ll be a while until a sequel will appear, if one pops out of the woodwork at all. Even-though an internal prototype has been created by the Swedish development studio Digital Illusions CE, part of EA and responsible for the first Mirror’s Edge Game, the project  has now been put on hold indefinitely. EA’s Patrick Söderlund announced this sad news in an interview with the Swedisch website V!cachu.

The original Mirror’s Edge received mostly positive reviews yet didn’t seem to sell all that well. Mainly the game’s uniqueness and its expansive environments  received praise, while criticism centred mostly around the weak plot, trial and error gameplay and short length. Overall the disappointing sales figures are said to be the main cause for putting the sequel to the innovative free runner game on ice. With the team responsible for the prototype disbanded and absorbed into other projects Faith’s future is looking bleak indeed.

SOURCE V!cachu

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