Expect an epic score for The Dark Knight Rises

HANS ZIMMER has become the latest person connected with The Dark Knight Rises to whet our appetites with a sliver of detail about what we can expect – this time regarding the score.

While Chris Nolan has remained deathly silent about the highly-anticipated follow-up to The Dark Knight, composer Zimmer has told fans to expect something “epic” and “iconic”.

Speaking on MTV News, Zimmer said: “One thing I can tell you is that it’s going to be extraordinarily epic.

“There’s something in the core of the story that allows you to get the music much bigger and much more sort of, iconic.”

But after further probing, he ended saying: “I’m not going to tell you. You’ve got more out of me than anybody has.”

Excitement for the 2012 follow-up to TDK is building, especially after the casting announcements of the brilliant Tom Hardy, the delectable Anne Hathaway and the outstanding Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Now, with Zimmer’s cryptic revelation (if it can be called that) it’s time for all the speculation to commence about what we’ll hear when The Dark Knight Rises hits screens.

What we do know is that when Zimmer, who now seems to be Nolan’s go-to composer, says “epic” we know it will make our ear drums vibrate and our bones rattle.

Bring it on!

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