X-Men Anime Confirmed

With both DC and Marvel hijacking the US and UK cinemas this summer, it is no wonder that the buzz around comic book heroes would reach animators in Japan. Iron Man and Wolverine have already had their stories told in anime form, so it could be said that X-Men has been long overdue.

In a short trailer released on the official website, there are a string of iconic characters shown including Professor X, Beast, Storm and many more. The style reflects its Western heritage but still looks very much a Japanese anime. It is being made by the animation studios MadHouse, responsible for the hits Card Captor Sakura, Death Note and Trigun, which is incredibly promising.

As good as this adaptation may be, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the old 90’s American cartoon of the comic books, which were a huge success.

X-Men is released in Japan only on the 1st April 2011.

The trailer just leaked online – check it out – Ben

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