Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (Alien Prequel) Concept Art Revealed?

Could these be the first glimpses of Ridley Scott’s new alien landscape? New images have surfaced on the website of Matthew Savage who is a well respected concept and environment artist who has worked on such films as Kick Ass, The Dark Knight and the forthcoming X-Men: First Class. He is also working on ‘Untitled Alien Prequel’ according to his online cv which can be viewed here.

The ‘Untitled Alien Prequel’ is actually Prometheus which was recently announced as being Ridley Scott’s next directorial project. What’s hugely exciting is some of the artwork that Matthew has posted show what look like vast, noirish alien worlds and mining vehicles. In the first picture on the bottom left we see a character wearing what looks like early 1979 designs from the original Alien classic. You can see a comparison below… The mining theme seems condusive to the Alien universe as it was Weyland- Yutani mining corporation who are apparently responsible for unleashing or coming into contact with the off world life forms in the first place. With Matthew Savage apparently being a hot property for concept design at the moment, we might see some other images pop up soon.

Twentieth Century Fox has a current release date of  9th March, 2012. Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) has already been cast.

Sigourney Weaver in the original Alien with Ridley Scott

Source: LatinoReview, www.mattsav.co.uk

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