Gears of War 3 beta information revealed

Gears 3 delta squad

At a pre-GDC conference earlier, Epic Games revealed information that many fans will be salivating about.
Information on the much anticipated Gears of War 3 beta was finally released a mere two of days after the US launch of Epic’s new title, Bulletstorm.

Judging from the beta customisation, in the game has improved even more since its predecessor. Players can now choose from either a Retro Lancer featuring a knife on the end of it, or the famous chainsaw bayonet variant. As the most popular weapon amongst players in the GoW series is without a doubt the shotgun, players now have a choice from either the familiar “Gnasher” shotgun as seen in previous installments, or the brand new double-barreled shotgun that is sure to turn foes into cat food with ease.

The Gears of War 3 beta even features unlockables for use in the full version of the game. If gold guns are your thing you will be happy to know that a gold version of the retro Lancer is obtainable, to get this you must play 90 games to unlock it in the beta and then get 100 kills with it if you want it when the full version of the game is released.
Maybe you’d like to play as Cole in his “thrashball” attire? If so you need to play 70 games in the beta to unlock it there, and then a further 13 games whilst using it in the beta to gain it in the full version of the game.
The beta will feature the team deathmatch mode which is new to the Gears of War series, other modes include king of the hill, capture the flag and capture the leader.

Epic Games have clearly listened to player comments and taken action based on their feedback. I’m sure that many players will have experienced the frustration of trying a pick up a meatshield with the A button, only to roll face-first into a shotgun blast – well no more! Picking up meatshields has been changed to a tap of the X button whilst holding the button still picks up ammo/weapons.
Similarly, tapping the Y button will allow you to quickly curbstomp a downed enemy whereas holding it will perform a longer execution.

Epic will continue to listen to fans during this beta period, and even now fans are being given the option to vote for the maps that they would like to play on during the beta here.

The maps that fans can vote on are as follows:


“This large and open central square is surrounded on all sides by protected passageways and buildings. A raised dais yields powerful weaponry and a view of virtually everything within range, but the power located there must be hard-earned and well protected to provide any lasting advantage.”


“This is an excellent map for team-based play, with multiple areas that are well suited to both attack and defense scenarios. A well executed plan will often reap great rewards, and an enemy caught unaware can be flushed into a trap like a chicken free of its coop.”


“Battles in this highly dynamic map often focus around the elevated Overpass, where teams can hole up and take advantage of the protected position and emplaced weaponry located there. But gaining the high ground can also be a trap, as the team left below will most assuredly use mortars and orbital lasers to regain their lost footing.”


“The Locust Trenches are small and tight, with clean lines of sight across virtually the entire battlefield. The central hill leads to a fortified bunker with a strategically important vantage point. Once taken, it is rarely surrendered, unless opposing forces can manage to sneak up under the cover of a passing sandstorm that leaves everyone blind for a short while.”

The two maps that are guaranteed to be in the Gears of War 3 beta are “Thrashball”:


Which is “bigger, and not quite as open-plan as the whole sports stadium gig suggests”. “Rising up out of battered team locker rooms, you’ll find yourself on a pitch criss-crossed with plenty of low cover, while a lopsided Jumbotron hangs overhead.”

and “Checkout”:


GoW3 boxartA “cruel, claustrophobic, and daringly small: a tight collection of aisles and corridors surrounded by ruptured shelving and tills, and lit by shafts of light pouring in from the glass ceiling.”

 People interested in playing the beta will have to wait until mid april for the privilege of doing so, and people that own Bulletstorm will be able to access the beta “a couple of months” before the rest of the general public can by accessing it from the disc – very similarly to the beta of Halo:Reach.

The full retail version of the game will be released worldwide on the 20th of September.

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