New Thundercats 2011 Trailer Airs!

This past weekend saw the first airing of the trailer for the new Thundercats series that is coming this year on Cartoon Network.

The 80 second trailer (See below for the trailer) was aired during the After Party Special of the “Hall of Game Awards” sports award show on the channel and gave fans both old and new a chance to see the re-imagined versions of the iconic 80’s characters.

The New Snarf but will he be as annoying as his predecessor?

This new version of the series is set to tell the story of Lion-O’s ascension to the throne of Thundera and has been described as having a more original feel and darker style than its 80’s predecessor. Whilst this a complete departure from the series that is fondly remembered by many as part of their childhood, this version is being produced by Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C. Studio 4°C’s previous work includes Anime classic Spriggan (1998) and they  have more recently worked on  Transformers Animated (2008) and Halo Legends OVA The Babysitter (2010), thus adding a little pedigree to this project. Whilst little is known about the voice cast at present, Larry Kenney the voice of the original Lion-O has announced that he will be playing the role of Lion-O and Tygra’s father Claudius in the first three episodes of the series.  An interesting revelation for many as this would seem to indicate that Lion-O and Tygra are now brothers instead of mentor and friend like in the original.

The show is set to air this summer on the Cartoon Network and despite the apparent distancing from the original world and storyline this writer is curious to see what the show is like.

Click Play below to watch the trailer:

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