Marianne cast reveal scare tactics

thomas hedengran

RELEASING an independent movie has many pitfalls. Will it reach the target audience? How will the creators get the film noticed?

These are possibly just two of the questions that crossed Swedish director Filip Tegstedt’s mind when he came up with psychological horror Marianne.

Thankfully for Tegstedt he was given a helping hand by a fellow Swede-cum-Hollywood star in the shape of Peter Stormare.

Marianne is about a father coping with loss while dealing with a young family and nightmarish visions that come to him at night.

Experienced stage actor Thomas Hedengran plays the father, Krister, while up-and-coming Sandra Larsson is his daughter (also named Sandra Larsson by a strange twist of fate).

Added to the cast-list was probably the most noticeable name, Stormare, who stars as Krister’s therapist Sven.

Revealing what it was that first attracted him to Marianne, Peter said: “Being born and raised in the north, surrounded by big dark forests, I am well acquainted with all the myths and legends from the area.

“My home village is a tiny place…and I grew up with a lot of older people around me that told me about all the mysteries that live deep in our forests…and souls!”

What’s also clear is that Peter is a champion for homegrown independent cinema. Despite making the leap to Hollywood starring in Fargo, Minority Report and Armageddon, Stormare is happy to help promote indie films.

He said: “Supporting independent cinema in Sweden is something that is very important to me.

“Sometimes I can use my “name” and bring some attention to a project and Marianne is now my third project in five years.”

As for the current trend of remaking successful European films, Peter insists the film-makers should be proud their movies are being remade. He said: “Working in theatre, we attack the great plays over and over again.”

Hedengran has a similar background to his co-star Stormare. With a healthy CV that includes stage work, TV and film roles, he reckons there are big similarities to working in theatres and in films.

He said: “Preparation is always the same with sub text and so on but the biggest challenge is to tone down the way you act on film compared to a stage role.”

When describing his experience with new talent like Larsson and Tegstedt, he adds: “Sandra was outstanding to work with. She’s holds her nerve very well and I was always confident when doing a scene with her.”

As for director Filip? “He knows exactly what he’s looking for from the story and the script…I loved it.”

Meanwhile Sandra has a quiet confidence about her while discussing what drew her to Marianne.

She said: “The script contains such emotion, excitement, love and sadness. There’s also the mystique in the film. No-one really knows what’s a dream and what’s reality. Also, I thought it would be interesting, and fun, to play such a complex teenage character.”

Larsson is also just as straight-talking when revealing what it was like working in front of a camera.

Despite experience of theatrical work, she said: “On stage I immediately know whether I’m doing a good job or not through the audience reaction. In front of a camera I must rely completely on my skills and, of course, the director.

“Film acting was completely new to me. On stage, the adrenalin rush is special but I’m now looking forward to me next movie.”

She adds: “I’ve noticed things in my performance I could have done better. I wish I had been more daring when playing out my emotions in certain scenes. I also think I rehearsed too much which didn’t make certain scenes as spontaneous as I wanted but I’m learning all the time.”

Wrapping up, Stormare is put on the spot when asked whether he notices any glaring differences between working on a low-budget independend film and being in a big-budget studio movie in Hollywood?

Well, in a word: “No.”

He finishes: “When they say action it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s the same feeling, the same agonies, the same thrill!”

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