Top Ten: TV Shows With The Most Mistakes

Have you ever sat and watched TV and thought hang on that doesn’t look right? Or did I just see the camera in shot? As with most things in life mistakes are made when making TV shows and more often than not they are not seen until it is too late.

A recent update from website, Movie Mistakes, lists the following ten TV shows as having the most mistakes in them and they range from cars having no visible impact damage when they hit people to the edges of an actresses special effects contact lenses being visible.

So to see if you favourite show has made the ten and more importantly if you were eagle eyed enough to spot any of the mistakes, read on.

10 ) Family Guy – 345 mistakes

9 ) Charmed-383 mistakes

8 ) Will and Grace mistakes 451

7 ) Smallville– 483 mistakes

6 ) Doctor Who (1963) – 513 mistakes

5 ) Buffy The Vampire Slayer-586 mistakes

4 ) Red Dwarf– 695 mistakes

3 ) Fraiser– 731 mistakes

2 )  Friends– 980 mistakes

1 ) The Simpsons– 1349 mistakes.

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