Watch 4 Minute Green Lantern Trailer Here!

Warner Bros. have as part of their panel at the recent WonderCon event in San Francisco, unveiled a further look at their forth coming superhero movie epic, The Green Lantern!

The movie which is due this June and is also the title sponsor of this Mays MCM Expo event (See here for more on this story) tells the story of everyone’s favourite emerald green superhero and marks the first time we have seen a live action version on the big screen for the character.

The footage itself is certainly a step up from the trailer that was released last year and helps to give the film a more epic look by showing scenes that feature thousands of Lanterns on their home world of Oa. That aside, we also get to see more of lead actor, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan including a brief look at him reciting the Lanterns oath for the first time and him battling the films main villain.

To see the full trailer click play below:

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