Watch 2nd Thundercats 2011 Trailer Here

At this past weekend’s Wondercon event, Thundercats fans and attendees alike were given the chance to see the second official trailer for the forthcoming reboot of the series. The trailer which featured new footage, gives fans the chance to see the new versions of characters such as Slithe, Mumm-Ra , WilyKit and WilyKat to name a few.

Click the link below to watch and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below too.


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  1. Mr.Markzilla says:

    Well, it looks pretty good, but they’ve altered the time line for the fans, like myself, who have stayed with the show when it was first aired on BBC. In the original pilot episode, Exodus, Lion O was a cub and had to escape Thundera with Cheetara, Panthro, Tiger, Snarf and Willy-Kit & Wily-Cat after the mutants, led by Slythe destroyed the planet. Third Earth was revealed as our planet and Mumm-Ra only went to Thundera when they found New Thundera during season 3.
    I might consider buying the dvd when it’s released, out of curiosity, but I’m annoyed they’ve done a Smallville or Transformers and screwed with a well rounded time line that worked.

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