EuroCosplay 2011: First Six Representatives

Last October saw the Cosplay elite of Europe descend upon the Excel Centre in the heart of London’s docklands for the first ever EuroCosplay championships. The event, held as part of the London MCM Expo, saw Portugal take the crown with their entry, Leandro winning for his fantastic Cain Nightroad from Trinity Blood costume. Following his emotional victory and the overall impressive standard of the cosplay on display that weekend it is no wonder that the competition is set to return to the London Expo this October.

Boasting more countries and entrants than last year, the competition is set to be fierce and even more emotional than its predecessor. So to help you keep track of the countries that have qualified so far, the MCM Buzz has put together a handy guide of those who have qualified for this years event.  Don’t forget to keep checking the MCM Buzz for further updates on this exciting competition!

Gianluca in his awesome Warmachine costume from Iron Man 2, Gianluca qualified at Romics for Italy



EuroCosplay 2011 qualifier Estela representing Spain

Kathryn from Ireland in her Ultimecia costume from the Final Fantasy series



Belgium's first Eurocosplayer representative :Spike with his Onion Knight costume from FF Dissidia



Polish qualifier Shappi's awesome Valkyrie Randgris costume from Ragnarok Online

The first Danish entry: Mona in her Yuuko Ichihara costume from XXXHolic

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