Sega release trailer for new Sonic game

Sega revealed a trailer for a new Sonic game on Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Facebook page. Yes… Sonic is on Facebook.

At less than a minute, the teaser trailer doesn’t reveal a title, though it’s strongly suggested that it might be called Sonic Generations, after Sega registered the domain names and, a few days ago.

Sonic himself is seen racing around an environment that looks suspiciously like Green Hill Zone, except with less colour. Upon flying through the air he suddenly splits into two, with the former Sonic (as denoted by the black eyes) now by his side. Running together, they both smile at each other (!) before racing onwards. Make of that what you will.

Sega did reveal back in October 2010 (somewhat accidentally) that they were working on a 20th anniversary game, originally titled Sonic Anniversary, and it was to be, “a compilation of the best levels of the series adapted to the current consoles.” Given the possible name, and the look of the trailer, it looks highly likely that a remake of the older Mega Drive games is to be expected, with Sonic now in a 3D environment of familiar locations.

The first game in the series, Sonic the Hedgehog, was released on the Mega Drive back on June 23rd 1991. I imagine a number of us were still in Pampers back then (it’s really been 20 years!?), but this might also be an indication that Sega may release this, or are at least planning something special, around that date.

After the success of Sonic Colours, it seems strange that the 20th anniversary game won’t be appearing on the Nintendo Wii, but will be released on PS3 and XBOX360.

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