Rubber review

screen shot from Rubber

MEET Robert. He’s a killer. But not in your conventional style. He uses telekinetic powers to destroy anything or anyone in his path.

From a basic plastic water bottle to a crow on to living people, nothing is safe from the murderous rampage Robert goes on.

However, Robert isn’t your usual serial killer. Not by a longshot. You see, Robert is a tyre. Yes, that’s right – a bog-standard car tyre. With the ability to kill.

When the synopsis for Quentin Dupieux‘s feature film Rubber first became public knowledge, it was scoffed at. Many just laughed at the entire premise. Others thought it would become a cult film.

Basically, Robert discovers his ability to destroy objects by making them explode and sets his sights on a small desert town and the mysterious Sheila (Roxane Mesquida) in particular.

All his killings are witnessed by tourists with binoculars giving the whole film a sense of voyeurism.

There is no real reason for anything that happens in the film – but thanks to an opening monologue from Lieutenant Chad (Stephen Spinella) about films with plot points that have no reason, no attempt is made to explain what happens.

Dupieux (better known as Mr Oizo) has attempted to bring something new to the horror genre. Something original. Sadly, Rubber fails to be scary, funny or even intelligent. In fact, it seems the makers believe the film is smarter than it is.

The acting – be it on purpose or not – is terrible. There is a distinct lack of tension throughout and everything appears to be pointless (maybe that’s what Dupieux was aiming for – if that’s the case then it was a wasted effort and a waste of money).

There will be a few people who’ll attempt to sell the film to friends by saying it’s original. While that may be true, it’s also weird and boring.

Nothing will stop those curious about Rubber from going to see it – but if there’s a choice between it and any other film that’s out just now, choose the alternative.

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