Dragon’s Dogma is hot

Dragon's Dogma

Even beside all of the incredible titles announced and on display at the recent Captivate event, Capcom‘s newest title, Dragon’s Dogma didn’t fail to stand out and look beautiful.


Dragon’s Dogma sets out to redefine the action genre as you explore the open world environment with your party of three, your mission, find and kill a certain mysterious Dragon. Your teammates learn from the way that you fight and then develop based on skills learnt from you over time.
The game features an epic story and incredible action, with the ultimate aim of impressing and becoming Capcom’s newest hit franchise.DD 2

On paper Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t sound very different from Capcom’s huge Monster Hunter franchise, and when watching the latest trailer for the game (posted below) these similarities are confirmed, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Monster Hunter is hugely successful for a reason and without a Monster Hunter title released onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to western audiences, Capcom are surely trying to capture fan’s hearts with this new franchise. Lets hope that the team which produced Capcom’s greatest action games can still work the magic!


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