Paramount acquires The Martian Chronicles Rights

Paramount is rumoured to have secured the movie rights to Ray Bradbury’s collection “The Martian Chronicles,” about humans trying to colonize Mars.

Originally a mini series which was shown on UK network tv BBC2 in the 80’s.

Universal acquired the feature rights in 1997, with no movement the option lapsed earlier this year allowing Paramount the chance to pick up the reigns.

Ray Bradbury who is now 90, wrote the stories in the late 1940s.

The 3 stories dealt with attempts to settle Mars and the Martians’ efforts to fight the humans off, and the colonization of the red planet and a nuclear war that eventually forces most of the humans to return to Earth. In the aftermath of the war, humans become the new Martians. Bradbury, now 90, wrote the stories in the late 1940s.

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