Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition dated!



Fans of Street Fighter will already know about the new content making its way from the arcade onto home consoles soon and you will no doubt be excited to hear that Capcom have announced that it will be released in the summer.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is basically an upgraded version of the standard Super Street Fighter IV, however instead of forcing existing SSFIV to shell out another £30 for a new disc as they have done in the past, Capcom have decided (like Blanka) to go green and release it as DLC onto the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Playstation Network. The option of buying a retail disc with all of the content on it is still available for gamers that don’t own a copy of the standard edition.

Evil RyuThe Arcade edition features a roster of 39 characters which includes new characters such as the fan favourite, “Evil Ryu“, the two brothers “Yun and “Yang“, and the all new “Oni“.

As well as the 4 new characters to the roster, all characters have received additional balancing since Super Street Fighter IV was released in March 2010.
Not to be left out the online features of SSFIV have also been upgraded, such as the already fantastic replay channel which will now allow you to send videos to your friends and search for specific gamertags of B.P. levels sending your videos to friends. The “endless battle” mode has also been improved so that you may fine tune your search when looking for opponents, the mode is now titled “enhanced endless battle”.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has been officially dated by Capcom for June 7th with the retail disc version seeing shop shelves on or around June 24th. The new content will cost 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 to download, but SSFIV owners that choose not to upgrade their games will still be able to fight against AE players thanks to an update.
The newly released trailer for the new content has been posted below for your viewing pleasure.


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