Mass Effect Anime Film Announced!

EA recently revealed to the world the existence of a feature length Mass Effect anime film hot on the heels of the release of  Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 and a precursor to Mass Effect 3. The film will be animated by Funimation, the people behind Dragonball and the upcoming Dragon Age anime. The executive producer of the series Casey Hudson will be serving as an executive producer of the film, keeping the writers and animators in check with the standard that the Mass Effect series has set.



This means good news of the franchise being exposed to many other audiences in the form of a different media. However the film has the potential to fail, due to only being distributed by FUNimation. The animators themselves are a relatively unknown animation company named T.O Entertainment, and because of this their handling of a high profile title like the Mass Effect anime could not be up to everyone’s expectations. The Dead Space movies in particular struck gold in particular, and were exceptionally good. However the adaptation of Dante’s Inferno was less than satisfactory to everyone’s standards. It also raises questions of the plot of the film, will it be a Mass Effect original story that’s NOT starring the now iconic “Captain Kirk” esque Commander Shepard or star a brand new protagonist created especially for the film?

Details are sparse for this adaptation but it seems that Mass Effect will be reaching a plethora of media. Be it comics, novels or anime, even reaching out by making the soundtrack composed by Clint Mansell, drawing in the music aficionado’s. EA has proven success in reaching their franchises out to other mediums, they can create more of a canon for the franchise than the game, but will it become more and more convoluted and daunting to newcomers than welcoming them in?

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