New Wonder Woman Series Script Leak Leaves Fans Baffled

After months of being buffeted between disinterested TV studios across the pond, Warner Brothers Television finally gave to go ahead for the production of a pilot for an all new Wonder Woman series.  Interpretations of the legendary DC icon have been met with varying degrees of success in the past and it is with some trepidation fans anticipate this latest attempt at the iconic franchise.  Having been lassoed down by ever major broadcasting station in the states, NBC have taken a considerable gamble by allowing serial legal drama offender David E. Kelley to pen the first episode of this series.  With several fictional law firms backing him up – including the likes of Ally McBeal, The Practice, Harry’s Law and Boston Legal – it begs the question as to whether a writer of this type of drama can make a smooth transition to the world of comic book super heroes.

Judging by the leaked pilot script, the simple answer is no.

A cliché ridden plot saddled by dated pop culture references and an irrelevant soundtrack has already caused a lot of upset amongst those faithful to DC’s iconic lady.  With a heroine more concerned with wonder bras than Wonder Woman, main character Diana is laden with TWO alternate egos is this bizarre juxtaposition between saving the world, tackling evil pharmaceutical corporations and girly slumber parties complete with ice cream and girl talk.  Portrayed by actress Adrianne Palicki, LA multi-billionaire Diana Themyscira is chairman of Themyscira Industries which has its own toy department (apparently) in the business of developing Wonder Woman dolls for the unsuspecting masses.  Insert joke about cleavage with a fat joke follow up and the governing premise for this subplot is in full effect.  If merchandise meetings seem too far a stretch for the character famous for her invisible plane then perhaps alter ego number 2 is truer to the comic book icon.  Mousy Diana Prince seems to serve little function in comparison to her domineering counterpart, and if the writers were trying to make the character more accessible then they overshot this by a mile.

It is very possible this new Wonder Woman meets Carrie Bradshaw on a regular basis to discuss views on Bridget Jones’s Diary because this is the stereotypical, oversensitive character fans are being forced to digest in this lacklustre pilot.  Complete with relationship hang ups and an ex she just cannot forget, this character would seem far more at home in a sitcom than in a superhero series.  Saving the world and even the alter ego of Wonder Woman herself seem but a minor subplot in comparison to the soppy clichés forced down our throats by Kelley.  Add a lawyer, a questionable pharmaceutical firm and a senate subcommittee and the pilot for this series may very well be the only episode of this deviation to ever make the screen.  This vain, self obsessed and weepy character is a massive deviation from the ass-whooping wonder we have grown to love for over half a century.

The script leak has revealed a major disconnect with a popular character, and fans will have to judge for themselves if this is a much needed innovation or a complete betrayal of the beloved heroine.  When – and if – this pilot will air in the UK is yet unconfirmed.


In the mean time enjoy this photo taken on set:

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