The Dark Knight For Animated Return

Recently there have been rumours that acclaimed Hollywood director Zack Snyder is to be involved in an animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s miniseries The Dark Knight Returns. It has been suggested that several Batman cartoon veterans will be taking part, and with Snyder’s previous comic adaptations 300 and Watchmen under his belt, the outlook for his latest project is good.

The Dark Knight Returns is set a decade after Bruce Wayne’s retirement and Gotham has spiralled into anarchy. When an enemy from the past resurfaces, Bruce dons the bat-suit once more and returns to his past life of vigilantism to restore order. But this is no easy task, as he’s up against old rivals Two-Face and Joker, and even faces a confrontation with former ally Superman.

With talk of this animation in progress, and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises due for release in 2012, it’s an exciting time for fans of the caped crusader.

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