Red Dwarf……It’s back.

It is finally official, the second coming of the out-of-this-world hit BBC comedy Red Dwarf has been confirmed. No Joke, seriously. The Smegheads are back.

Last week fans rejoiced as the show’s creator and co-writer Naylor confirmed that digital man channel Dave had commissioned a pure brand new series of the sitcom. Unlike the Back to Earth specials broadcast two years ago, the new series will consist of six half hour – not 25 minutes plus breaks, actually a full 30 minutes of sarcasm, laughs and smegging around – episodes and are expected to be broadcast in September 2012.

The news came as no surprise to fans, as rumours of the shows’ return caused ripples across the geek watering hole back in January after Craig Charles let slip that a new series was not far away. And Craig Charles wasn’t the only

star hinting to the Smeghead reunion either as Robert Llewellyn‘s tweets only strengthened the rumours and at a recent appearance at Birmingham’s Memorabilia actors Danny John Jules and Norman Lovett claimed that a new series certainly wasn’t out of the question.

Red Dwarf started it’s long journey back in 1988 and reached it’s peak popularity in the late 90’s. The somewhat

Polymorphic series has since gained a cult following with it’s ever-changing format and style. The sitcom is set in outer space on a mining ship, Red Dwarf and follows the lives of Dave Lister a loveable, curry-eating, stained slob, Rimmer a hologram of his dead bunkmate with failing military potential, The Cat a vain, style-obsessed cool-as-a-cucumber creature evolved from Lister’s Cat, and Kryten an android with an overactive guilt chip and OCD. Quite simple really.

So what does a new series mean for the crew of Red Dwarf? For one it certainly means clearing up one or two asteroid sized potholes left behind in the wake of the Back to Earth specials. But will it be up to scratch? Lets hope so, after all Dwarfers are almost on par with Whovians concerning their shows.

Filming of the new series is due to start in November and early rumours indicate that is set to feature an appearance of Rimmer’s brother Frank and a more in-depth look into the ‘Lister is his own father’ just to keep the intellectuals busy for a few months. September 2012 is certainly something to look forward to.

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