Matt Reeves Chooses ‘The Passage’

Matt Reeves certainly enjoys making creature features. Both his handheld Godzilla tribute Cloverfield in partnership with sci-fi genius J.J. Abrams and vampire novel reimagining Let Me In announced Reeves as a talent to watch. Now, as well as alien occupation adaptation 8 ‘o Clock In The Morning in the pipeline, Reeves is returning to bloodsucker territory with an adaptation of The Passage which is the first in a planned trilogy by novelist, Justin Cronin.

Fox 2000 secured the rights to the book for $3 million way back in 2007 after seeing a 400 page sample and story outline which was bought from Cronin for $3.75 million who agreed to a three book deal.

Obviously someone at Fox noticed a trend in vampire films and decided the time was right to add another to the million others in various stages of production.

The Passage follows the story of terminally ill cancer patients who are cured after being bitten by bats in the deepest jungles of South America. The government conducts research and, of course, it all goes wrong as an army of infectious undead is released into the world consequently killing or turning everyone in it’s path. Oh, and they’re telepathic. Obviously. Reading this outline it’s hard to get excited about a film which sounds like a mash up between every vampire and zombie film of the last ten years.

However, The Passage is being polished from a script written by two time Oscar nominated writer John Logan who was behind Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Aviator and who is now working hard on the next Bond film. Ridley and Tony Scott are producing through their company Scott Free and the source material itself is being lauded as one of the best novels of last year. With all this talent as well as Reeves at the helm the film has the potential to be one of the best vampire films of all time.

It is unclear whether Reeves will pick The Passage or 8 o’ Clock In The Morning as his next film.


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