John Simm’s Master to return to Doctor Who?

The Master

Head writer and executive producer,Steven Moffat has revealed that actor John Simm has expressed an interest in returning to play The Master in Doctor Who.

John Simm made his Time Lord debut back in 2007 when his Master went up against David Tennant’s Doctor in the three-part finale of series 3, he then returned to the character in 2010 for David Tennant’s last story as The Doctor.
After his last appearance on the show, John Simm said “I think now that David’s left as The Doctor, I would have to leave The Master”  he then revealed that this was because he felt that his Master was for David’s Doctor only. However since then Steven Moffat has revealed that the actor pulled him aside later and said “‘I didn’t mean that! Look at me, I’m fit, I’m okay!”

The Master was last seen disappearing into the time lock with seemingly no way to return in the episode, “The End of Time part two“, however thanks to the glory of sci-fi anything can happen, and there’s no doubt that most fans will be delighted to see the character make his return to face off against Matt Smith’s Doctor.

Doctor Who returns to our screens on the 23rd of April on BBC One, BBC America, and SPACE, and on the 30th of April on ABC1.

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