Doctor Who Confidential returns!

Doctor Who Confidential Logo

Just like chips need salt, pancakes need syrup, and butter needs bread, Doctor Who needs Doctor Who Confidential, and with the new series of Doctor Who starting today on the 23rd of April, Doctor Who Confidential isn’t far behind – 15 minutes to be precise.

Upon it’s return to our screens, Doctor Who Confidential boasts a distinctive new style with more of everything that previously brought the show it’s popularity. Episode 1 of the new series is titled “Coming To America” and features interviews with Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Alex Kingston (River Song) whilst covering the stateside shoot of the series 6 opening two-parter in Utah.

The popular show that gives fans behind the scenes access to the brilliants actors, incredible sets and exciting events within the world of Who is returning to our screens on BBC Three at 7PM, 15 minutes after the Doctor Who series opener has aired on BBC One.

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