CW Announce Early Renewals

As we near the end of the season for most TV series, The CW have handed a slew of their original series early renewals. The network that is already one show down due to the cancellation of Smallville, has handed the keys to new seasons to the following series; The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model and Supernatural!

The renewal for Supernatural is certainly a contentious one as some feel that the show should have ended at the end of its fifth season and have cited the current sixth year as being mostly poor episodes with the odd return to form. The ratings too have also been regularly below  2.5million viewers, with the last episode Frontierland only managing a season and series all time low of 1.90.  So why has the show been given another outing?  Many feel that the reason for this decision lies in the fact that despite the show now barely being able to get close to 3million viewers, a number it used to easily manage, the show still has a strong core fan base and the show also sells well to non domestic markets. These reasons aside, it is also worth remembering that The CW, have already cancelled one of their marquee shows (Smallville) and so killing of another one without an adequate replacement is too risky a move, especially for a network that has very few original shows to call its own.

Whatever the reason behind their decision The CW have allowed The Winchester Bros to ride again next fall but one thing is certain, unless they manage to return their ratings to their former glory then they will surely return next fall to the much dreaded endangered show list!

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