The Listeners Panel At Expo

Let’s Hear It For The Listener – Psychic Detectives Speak Out At London Comic Con

Listen up, sci-fi fans! LAUREN LEE SMITH (THE L WORD, MUTANT X) and CRAIG OLEJNIK, the stars of supernatural crime show THE LISTENER, are coming to the MCM Expo London Comic Con to clue UK viewers into the hit Canadian series – hosting a panel, meeting fans and signing autographs.

CRAIG OLEJNIK stars as telepathic paramedic Toby Logan, who uses his amazing ability to hear the thoughts of others to save lives and fight crime. When Logan reveals his powers to police sergeant Michelle McCluskey (LAUREN LEE SMITH), she brings him on board her Integrated Investigative Bureau task force to help crack the toughest murder cases… but there’s a high price to pay for having such a gift.

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know that this MCM Expo panel will be a must-see. To catch OLEJNIK and SMITH in action before the show, check out the second season of THE LISTENER currently airing on Fox’s FX channel, home of top programmes such as TRUE BLOOD, DEXTER and FAMILY GUY.

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