New season of Chuck is the end?

Following our previous story regarding the Fall 2011 renewal of NBC’s spy comedy Chuck, further news has appeared suggesting that the deal made to allow the show’s return has a little sting in its tail. The sting in question is that this next season of Chuck will be its last! This deal it seems is all the rage with TV companies following the success had by Smallville when it announced a similar deal last year. In Smallville’s case the show returned and not only began to show an increase in numbers but the show also improved creatively.

It is uncertain yet whether the touted thirteen episodes will be the final number of episodes that NBC settle on for Chuck but it would seem unlikely that they would increase it any further as this would mean the writers having to hastily create another story arc for Team Bartowski.

Also with the shows renewal now all but confirmed cast member Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker) tweeted, “Chuck season 5 renewed!! Yay chucksters!!.”

What are your thoughts on this latest news regarding Chuck? Do you think the series deserves another season and is one more enough? Add your comments on this story below!

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