Yabba Dabba Damn You Vile Woman! The Flintstones are Back!

It would seem that nothing is impossible anymore, well that is if your name happens to be Seth MacFarlane as the man responsible for the hit series Family Guy and American Dad has been officially granted by Fox permission to reboot The Flintstones!

Yes you did read that right, the cartoon classic that defines a generation of dinner time viewing in the UK is set to be rebooted if all goes to plan by 2013. MacFarlane who from all accounts is fan of the original, has apparently been waiting for a long time to get this project underway and all that stood in his way were lengthy negotiations with the rights owners Warner Bros, which it seems are now over!

The original series ran on US TV from 1960-1966 and has been sold the world over and has since seen several dire movie adaptations but this is not deterring MacFarlane who remembers Fred Flintstone being one of the first things he ever drew. But what of the original and now iconic theme tune (Click play at the end of this article to refresh your memories of said theme) that accompanied the series? Well an early report suggests that the new version will keep the same theme music and even have a very similar look to its predecessor. More importantly perhaps to the fans of the original is the fact even the crazy gadgets the Flintstone family use in daily life will be back too, “What’s the animal version of the iPod? That’s the kind of thing we have to think about,” said MacFarlane on the issue.

So do you think this idea is a good one? Has Seth MacFarlane truly cemented his place as the Prince of animated series? As usual add your thoughts below!

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