Glee Season 3 to début on Sky in the UK

Following a fierce bidding war, that saw Channel 4 pull out of the negotiations, Sky TV has landed the rights to show the next season of hit Fox series, Glee in the UK.

The US high school based musical drama series has been shown on UK channel E4 since it launched two years ago and consistently has been the channels highest rated programme. However that did not stop Channel 4 for from pulling out of the talks when the price became too high and issuing the following statement, “By not renewing the Glee deal, we are freeing up huge amounts of budget to invest in home-grown programming, British talent and of course continuing to discover and showcase what the US has to offer.” Whilst it is hard to not agree that freeing up your budget is good thing for the channel, losing one of your highest rated programmes doesn’t quite redress the balance.  As for Glee’s new home, Sky, they are thought to have paid £12million for the rights to the series and will no doubt when the dust has settled make sure they get their monies worth.

Are you sad to see Glee go from E4? Do you think £12million was too high a price to pay? Leave your comments below.



  1. anon says:

    really sad to see glee move to sky – it is an inspiration to so many kids who don’t fit in, and now so many won’t be able to watch it without paying for sky :'(

  2. terri says:

    i think its stupid that glee has moved to sky, i love glee and i am massive fan, but fefuse to pay for sky as i am a single mum and can’t afford stupid prices to watch a show i love. i have watched every episode going and now i’m going to miss out on the rest, it’s really annoyed me if i’m honest not everybody has sky or can afford their prices so alot of gleeks are going to miss out. so thank you very much!

  3. Eloise says:

    How in heck am I meant to watch Glee now when I don’t have sky????? I mean, I’ve watched all the episodes so far, and was really looking forward to season 3, but today, first I find out that Chord Overstreet isn’t returning but also that I can’t even WATCH the programme? There’s no way I can afford to pay for all the episaodes on itunes on my budget!
    Basically, I’m very disappointed in television at the moment:(

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the show but refuse to pay for Sky.

  5. Rachel says:

    I think this is awfully unfair, there are thousands, millions even of people across the UK who love Glee, I am one of them, it’s such an inspirational programme. The characters are lovable, it makes you laugh, makes you cry it’s just a feel good thing to watch. And now many of the millions of people who cannot afford or refuse to pay for sky will not be able to watch it. I think it was extremely greedy of Sky to deny these people their favorite programme and it was also greedy of Fox to deny E4 to have it as they were the ones brave enough to show the UK public in the first place and they were loyal. Like my page on Facebook called “Sky should not have bought the third season of Glee” and support the cause!

  6. Tom tanker says:

    Glee is channel 4 really disappointed x

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  8. Leckykins says:

    I love glee, I cant afford sky, am devastated. SKY I HATE YOU!!!!

  9. Ellie Winters says:

    i dont have sky now i have to wait ages u know why cos season3 boxset wont come out for ages 🙁

  10. Helena says:

    tell me about it! I cant afford sky tv and ive just found out that sam is gonna return and wants mercedes back adn i wont be able to see it! am really upset 🙁

  11. Sally says:

    Sky have ruined season 3 of Glee. Not only has it changed night but then disappeared for weeks disputing the flow of the series. SKY you are pants

  12. Jenny says:

    this is crap!!! I hate sky!!! We need to do sumting about this!!

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