Spoiler Alert: Stan Lee provides major spoiler for The Amazing Spider-man cameo

FOR anyone wanting to remain out the loop regarding The Amazing Spider-man, you’d be best advised to read no further.

The legend behind Spidey, Stan Lee, has revealed his cameo (and a plot detail) for the latest Spider-man reboot.

Speaking at a Q&A, Lee was asked what his top cameo is among the Marvel movies that have been released.

After joking about why he wasn’t asked to cameo in the X-Men franchise, he openly revealed his favourite guest appearance is in Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-man – not due for release until 2012.

He then goes into detail about the scenes he is in.

His description of the scene is met with much cheering and clapping from the audience.

The new Spider-man film will see Brit star Andrew Garfield take over from Tobey Maguire and will introduce us to villain, Lizard.

If you want to remain spoiler-free, then it’s best you don’t watch the video below. However, it is quite endearing watching the clearly excited Lee become so animated as he talks about his scene.

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