New Modern Warfare 3 trailer explodes onto the net!


After a recent information leak on Modern Warfare 3 left gamers worldwide salivating all over the upcoming blockbuster first person shooter like a dog over a juicy steak, today that steak just got a whole lot tastier as Infinity Ward released a full reveal trailer for the latest Call of Duty.

The explosive new trailer expands on the teasers even more with several scenes featuring all out chaos breaking loose in the four teased locales (London, New York, Paris and Berlin) – my particular favourite being the epic tube crash on the London Underground!

Based on the reveal trailer, the events of Modern Warfare 3 have evolved considerably from those in the previous game, ultimately resulting in the third world war. A few lines in the trailer supporting this are spoken by someone that sounds distinctly like Makarov– the Russian antagonist from Modern Warfare 2– and are as follows: “It doesn’t take the most powerful nations on earth, to create the next global conflict, just the will of a single man.”

Modern Warfare 3 goes on sale worldwide on the 8th of November this year, but there will most certainly be lots more coverage of the game before then to look forward to.
Until then, Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the brilliant new trailer!

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