MCM Buzz at the Eagle Awards

MCM Buzz was proud to be able to attend the fantastic Eagle Awards at the London MCM Expo on Friday night. Hosted by MCM Buzz’s own editor Stuart Claw and Futurama’s Billy West, the evening was somewhat laid-back, with witty banter between the presenters. If you were keeping an eye on the ‘#mcmbuzz’ trend on Twitter, then you would have seen all of the updates thanks to MCM Buzz writer and artist, Christopher Chong.

The awards started with Billy West being interviewed by Stuart in a mock interview of famous Futurama characters from Fry to The Professor. Before the awards announcements began, Billy West made a small speech, noting that when he was younger, “artists were my heroes. Celebrities have never been my heroes… [artists and writers] are an endless inspiration”. MCM Buzz successfully streamed the awards live via the website. Sadly, a number of the winners could not attend the event, but a selected handful of winners gave speeches via recorded video. The Roll of Honour winner, Dave Gibbons, made an amusing speech in person admitting; “I thought myself a lad about comics…but I realise I’m probably a dad…or even a granddad!”.

It was a successful and entertaining evening, and all of the results can be seen below:


Favourite Newcomer – Paul Cornell

Favourite Newcomer Artist – Sarah Pichelli

Favourite Writer – Grant Morrison

Favourite Artist/Writer – Mike Mignola

Favourite Artist – J. H. Williams III

Favourite Artist: Inks – Mike Mignola

Favourite Artist: Fully Painted Artwork –  J. H. Williams III

Favourite Colourist – Dave Stewart

Favourite Letterer – Richard Starkings

Favourite Editor – Matt Smith

Favourite Publisher – DC Comics/Vertigo/WildStorm

Favourite American Comic Book: Colour  – Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison plus various artists (DC Comics)

Favourite American Comic Book: B/W – The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard (Image Comics)

Favourite British Comic Book: Colour – 2000AD by Various Artists (Rebellion Developments)

Favourite British Comic Book: B/W – Commando by Various Artists (D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd)

Favourite New Comic Book – Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (DC Comics)

Favourite Manga – Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa (Square-enix)

Favourite European Comic Book – Blacksad by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dargaud)

Favourite Web-Based Comic – Axe Cop by Malachali and Ethan Nicolle

Favourite Single Story – Daytripper #8 by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (DC Comics)

Favourite Continued Story – The Walking Dead #73-79: Too Far gone by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard (Image Comics)

Favourite 2010 Cover – Batwoman #0 by J.H. Williams III (DC Comics)

Favourite Original Graphic Novel – Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 By Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)

Favourite Reprint Compilation – Absolute All Star Superman by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly (DC Comics)

Favourite Comic-Related Book – 76 Years of DC Comics

Favourite Comics Related Movie, TV or show – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Favourite Magazine About Comics – Wizard

Favourite Comics Book Related Website – Comic Book Resources

Roll of Honour – Dave Gibbons

All of the winners were chosen by you, the readers. The 2011 nominees will be announced in the near future.

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