The Fades panel

The Fades is a brand new horror drama from BBC 3, at London MCM Expo,BBC 3 gave viewers a special first look at a trailer of the show coming in September 2011.

The panel consisted of Lily Loveless, Farren Blackburn, Caroline Skinner, Iain de Caestecker and Jack Thorne. The cast talked about their experience working on the show and the learning curves and difficulties that they had to endure throughout the production, but always bounced back once they saw fully edited footage of the show. They saw the real potential and continued production with their newfound inspiration.

The show itself is inspired from writer Jack Thorne’s childhood. Today’s panel at the London MCM Expo taught us how his isolation in childhood contributed into the writing of The Fades, such as Thorne not having any close friends throughout his childhood which inspired him to create a tight bond with the two protagonists of Paul and Mac. This gives the show more diversity as the characters are shown to have a strong rapport with each other and brings a lot of comedic value. The Fades sets itself to be a very dark tale of monsters and demons. The whole cast and crew on the panel commented on how the show is dark, and almost “movie-like” with massive ambition for a television show.

The series itself will be airing this September, however no specific date has been given for the premiere of the show. The Fades has been commissioned by the BBC for one season consisting of 6 episodes, with the hopes of another season being made afterwards should the show prove to be a favourite, and judging by the exclusive  trailer shown at the show. The Fades looks to be one of the best BBC 3 original dramas yet.

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