EA Press conference liveblog

Hi there folks! Liveblog should be starting shortly.


20:30 It looks like the conference has started with a live trailer of Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson is on stage and just announced that the release date is 6th of March 2012.

20:32 A live demo is being played of Mass Effect 3, film grain and lens flares? Yup. It’s Mass Effect alright.

20:36 John Riccitiello is on stage, promoting their new origin content at Origin.com.

20:37 Need For Speed: The Run is being shown on stage now. Autolog is now weaved into the game’s structure.

20:38 Whoa there! Need For Speed : The Run has on foot gameplay, being shown now. Looks like Quick Time Events rather than a parkour engine.

20:44 Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is being shown now. Dr Greg Zeschuk is on stage, describing the MMO’s features. Trailer is being shown now.

20:48 Straight after Star Wars we see the new SSX game showing off it’s new environments in the form of a trailer. January 2012

20:52 SSX looks to have a massive open world, the developers have used google maps to give stupendous detail.

20:54 Matt Bilbey is onstage showing off Fifa 12, their “most advanced and authentic Fifa ever”

20:55 A Short video of Fifa’s worldwide appeal and success is currently being shown.

20:58 A new service has been announced, EA Sports football club. A live service with challenges and matches from past weeks. Starts with Fifa 12 with no charge. There is connectivity with Facebook, ipad, iphone and many other platforms.

21:00 A Madden NFL trailer is being shown now.

21:02 NFL stars are onstage, Ray Lewis, Paton Hillis and Clay Matthews helping promote Madden 12.

21:06 The Sims Social has been announced for facebook!

21:09 EA Partners games are about to be shown off now.

21:10 Mr Shilling is up now showing off Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The game has massive names behind it such as Todd McFarlane. A Trailer is being shown now

21:11 Ted Price from insomniac games has just taken the stage. Announcing a new IP: Overstrike.

21:12 A Trailer is being shown as I type this, it looks to be a humorous game. The characters seem very Pixar but Mature at the same time. I’m putting this on my watch list.

21:15 Looks like EA are showing the title everyone’s waiting for. Battlefield 3. Karl Magus is now onstage about to show a trailer of their new frostbite engine.

21:18 A Multiplayer demo is being shown now, the map is at the center of paris. It should be noted that the Demo is not live and is just a trailer. The game itself however looks stunning.

21:20 Battlelog Social experience has been announced with a multiplatform beta coming this september.

21:22 A live demo is finally being shown, I have never seen graphics better than this. It looks stunning. The game is of course being run on a PC.

21:26 Tank battles are being shown, the game has a LOT of polish it seems.

21:28 Release date, October 25th 2o11.

That’s all folks! thanks for following our coverage of E3!

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