Ubisoft Press Conference Liveblog

Ubisoft conference liveblog be starting shortly.

22:30 Yves Guillemot takes the stage to open the conference.

22:31 Michel Ancel makes a dramatic entrance onstage to  tell us about Rayman: Origins

22:33 Rayman: Origins looks like it will bring the series back to its platforming roots in some truly classic co-op Rayman Action

22:34 Game looks beautiful in HD and retains it’s cartoon styling. The Co-op looks extremely robust.

22:40 4 player co-op confirmed for Rayman: Origins. Very strong start to the conference.

22:42 Aaron Priceman takes us through history, telling us about the importance of gaming with his flamboyant character.

22:43 Driver: San Fransisco has now been unveiled, it’s being made by reflections studio. A Trailer is currently being shown.

22:45 Priceman is telling us about the game’s open world and is the “ideal open world playground”

22:50 Dan Hay and Jamie Keen take the stage and show off a demo of their new game, Far Cry 3.

22:52 Far Cry 3 looks to be a turn back to the original Far Cry‘s roots and less like Far Cry 2.

22:54 Randy Pitchford is onstage to showcase his new game “A new take on WWII”

22:56 Brothers in Arms: The Furious Four has just been announced, a stylized game that looks humorous and appealing, carrying on the Brothers in Arms name.

22:58 A Tintin Game has just been shown off, with film stars Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg talking about the appeal of the game.

23:00 The game is called The Adventures of TinTin : THE GAME. Imaginative.

23:04 Ghost Recon:Future Soldier is now being demoed live. It’s playable on the show floor. It’s being played Co-op live on stage right now. Looks very impressive.

23:07 The game seems to be promoting unorthodox play styles and not just run and gunning.

23:10 Very interesting squad mechanics are being used. This game’s campaign is looking very good for co-op.

23:12 Free to play MMO Shooter Ghost Recon Online has just been announced PC exclusive.

23:15 Adreienne Pechere takes the stage to show off Trackmania 2

23:18 Trackmania 2 Looks to be a heavily customisable game.

23:19 Raving Rabbids’s designer Antoine Henry takes the stage to show off the new Kinect enabled Raving Rabbids game.

23:22 Fill the shapes mode looks like hole in the wall without awkward jumpsuits and strangely coloured water.

23:24 Just Dance 3 has just been announced, the past titles have probably taken in more money for Ubisoft than many other core franchises.

23:26 October 11th is the release date for Just Dance 3.

23:27 Rocksmith is being shown off, and apparently teaches you to play guitar AND it’s a game!

23:30 Your Shape 2012 has just been announced, lets see if it also has an October 2011 release like pretty much every other title here.

23:32 A pretty bread and butter Fitness game video there.

23:32  Assassins Creed: Revelations’ Alex Amancio and Alex Schelling is on stage describing the next chapter into the epic franchise.

23:34 A Trailer is being shown, of what seems to be one of the trademarked amazing Ubisoft trailers as they have done in the past. Very well made. Cinematography is top notch here.

23:36 Wait, is Ezio going to die in this game? It sure looks like it. A live demo is being shown of Constantinople and Ezio there, graphics look dated in comparison to other titles shown off today.

23:42 The game looks very much like an Assassins Creed game, with this being the third entry in the series in three years, I’m kind of getting tired of Assassins Creed, even if 2 was my game of the year in 2009.

23:45 Looks like that’s all folks! Thanks for following the MCM BUZZ liveblog.

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