Far Cry 3 announced at E3!

“THE surprise of (Ubisoft’s) show” at E3 was a title that definitely shocked me as I hadn’t heard a thing about the series since the last game released in 2007, and Far Cry 3 certainly made it’s mark in the room during the demonstration.

Instantly, hard-core fans could tell that the unnamed game was a sequel to Far Cry 2 just by admiring the stunning graphics seen in the environment that the player was dropped in, and A short walk up to a cliff edge shows us a full breathtaking, solidifying that this is no doubt, Far Cry 3.

Whilst the game looks to appear very similar to it’s predecessor with the same watch on wrist, same animations when running/sliding, and even some of the same sounds (this could be due to the demo’s early build), there is at least one distinctly new feature which fills me with excitement. Far Cry 3 has a cover system.
It is a first person cover system and so there is no switching to a third person view of your character, but blind-firing and gripping to the wall is present and provides much needed protection from enemy bullets when under fire.

The much loved fire effects from FC2 weren’t seen in the demo (despite a huge explosion), but it is doubtful that they would be removed as they were quite frankly, brilliant.

It is also worth noting that Far Cry 3 definitely does not appear to be set in the African Savannah again like it’s predecessor, the developers at Ubisoft seem to have opted for a more jungle-like setting this time around with lush greens and blues everywhere the eye can see – whether this means we will have more expensive guns to play with this time around is unknown at the moment.

No specific release date has been set for the game yet, but 2012 is the year to expect Far Cry 3 according to the E3 presentation.

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